How to send custom event from application to pipeline

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On Fr, 2014-04-18 at 22:40 -0700, Mcnv wrote:
> yes, i will try that, so then i need to make my pipeline available to my
> signal handler, am i correct.
> please post me some pseudo code if possible...
> pease dont take me wrong as i am not much aware of gstreamer , is that the
> standard way how we achieve  size change of video window .

The standard way of achieving size changes of the video window is to
create your own window and then embed the GStreamer video into that via
the GstVideoOverlay interface. On top of that you can then implement an
IPC mechanism (like the Unix signals) for communication between your
applications to change the size of the video window, but this is outside
the scope of GStreamer.

If you however want to change the size of the video stream itself you
can use the videoscale element (or any other scaling element) and a
capsfilter to enforce a different video size.

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