Transcoding HLS to DASH

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Sat Apr 19 11:06:08 PDT 2014

On Mo, 2014-04-14 at 09:08 -0700, Edward Cessna wrote:
> I've been given the task to transcode and restream HLS to DASH. This is my
> first video-related project so I've done more than my fair share of
> googling, going through gstreamer's tutorials, etc. I've spent enough hours
> doing this that I'm now completely confused and decided to seek help from
> this mailing list.
> I've broken down my task into the following
> - Transcoding H.264 to fMP4
> - Converting manifest files
> - Restreaming
> Can gstreamer support the above? Do I need to bring in other tools such as
> mp4box and ffmpeg?
> Any guidance, large or small, will be greatly appreciated.

You can do all that with the help of GStreamer but you will nonetheless
still need to write some code to glue everything together. There is not
ready-made solution for this (yet) but all the buildings blocks exist.

For receiving and transcoding the HLS stream you can use the standard
GStreamer elements, like uridecodebin (for receiving) and the relevant
encoders and muxers to generate the MP4 fragments.

For creating the DASH manifest and serving it you have a few options,
take a like at gst-streaming-server and these bugs here:

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