Video mixing, EOS and seeking

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A project you may really like is Snowmix. It is based on gstreamer and is a
sinch to learn.

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> Hello everyone,
> I am working on a simple video mixer for theatrical shows. It should play
> video clips, looping them or pausing them when they are done playing, and
> it should be able to do crossfade transitions between clips. Everything
> worked well until I implemented the crossfades, using "alpha" elements and
> "videomixer". Now, when the end (EOS) of a clip is reached, the image
> become black. Here is an ASCII art representation of my pipeline:
> filesrc -> decodebin -> videoscale -> alpha -> videomixer ->
> ffmpegcolorspace -> xvimagesink
> filesrc -> decodebin -> videoscale -> alpha -/
> This brings some questions:
> * How can I catch the EOS signal of a specific video file, and then start
> over the playback of that file without affecting the other one? I use
> filesrc and decodebin. Do I need to enclose them in a bin?
> * How can I stop the playback of a single file and let the other one play?
> Here is a link to my (quite alpha grade) source code, in case you want to
> try it out, but it is far from minimal and require some video file with a
> JSON config file, if you want to try it.
> I the hope for some guidance.
> Thank you.
> Best,
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