restarting a branch of the pipeline...?

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at
Wed Apr 23 00:42:18 PDT 2014

On Di, 2014-04-22 at 15:09 +0200, Eric Trousset wrote:
> Hi
> In the case I stop a part of my pipeline by sending an EOS event and the unlinking this branch, is there a proper way to restart it?
> I tried relinking it, but then the pads are is EOS state, and even an stream start event won't wake it up.
> So what would be the best way to disable a branch of the pipeline and then to re-enable it?

After receiving an EOS, the pads can only accept data again after
flushing or deactivating (i.e. setting the element to READY).

What exactly is the bigger picture of the problem you're trying to
solve? There are multiple ways of stopping a pipeline part, depending on
what kind of behaviour you want.

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