Filesrc with no EOS possible?

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Wed Apr 23 02:25:18 PDT 2014

On Mi, 2014-04-23 at 01:49 -0700, Hamo61 wrote:
> Hi, 
> im trying to transcode a videofile. The Source is a live recording file wich
> gets permanent bigger. 
> Now i want Gstreamer to transocde the file. The Problem is, that Gstreamer
> reacher EOS very fast so the transcoding stops. Is it possible to say
> Gstreamer that he doesnt stop transcoding? 
> Here my pipeline: 
> gst-launch-1.0 -v filesrc num-buffers=-1
> location=/home/pi/sambashare/one/src/video/original.h264 ! decodebin ! queue
> ! omxh264enc control-rate=1 target-bitrate=1024000 ! filesink
> location=/home/pi/sambashare/one/plain/video/1024000/1024000.h264 

You mean your file is growing while you read it? Well, filesrc will read
as fast as it can and when it reaches the end it is checking again the
file size, then reads again until the end. Of course this can lead to
the situation where the file size did not increase between the last read
and the check, and in that case filesrc is going EOS.

How are you creating this file? Most likely it will work much better if
you implement a custom source element for your input (or appsrc) or use
a better suited source element than filesrc for your use case (e.g.

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