Integration of GStreamer in QT application on Windows using MinGW

Dušan Poizl poizl at
Wed Apr 23 12:08:41 PDT 2014

yes it is doable. I am developing such application myself. You can use 
precompiled binaries from gstreamer page and Qt for MinGW. But you need 
get rid of taglib plugin. It is because taglib is C++ code. Problem is 
that gstreamer and Qt is compiled with different version of C++ 
exception handling runtime. So just delete taglib and gstreamer becomes 
pure C library which can be used freely between different MinGW versions.

more information about different C++ runtime

Dn(a 23.04.2014 16:13, d.santanche at wrote / napísal(a):
> Hi,
> I'm interesting in the integration of the gstreamer library on Windows 
> 7/8 platforms using QT and the MinGw compiler. Do you think this is 
> possible? Could you give me some hint to let me start in this integration?
> Best Regards
> Daniele Santanché
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