Is there any player based on gstreamer for stream buffering??

HoonHee Lee hoonh83.lee at
Mon Apr 21 17:10:21 PDT 2014

I have a question for stream buffering.
What I was intending is that to show up progressive bar such as youtube.

duration        : ========== (1:00)
playtime        : = (0:10)
buffered size  : == (0:20)

So, My goal is that showing up progressive bar with buffered-size using only

Thus, I refer to totem player with its code.
I confirmed that totem player has download buffering for streaming case in
their code.
Also I confirmed that they did on progressive bar.
Below is my test url.

Thus, I want to find players which are using just stream buffering, I do not
mean to download buffering or ring buffering.

Is there any player for stream buffering that can show progressive bar with
buffered size??

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