GES: Adding Clips to already playing pipeline

Urs Hofer hoferurs at
Sun Apr 27 04:14:17 PDT 2014


I'm trying to develop a network controlled video player with gapless playback, playing local files. Sometimes, there can also be a pause between the clips, which should be rendered black.

I thought of using GES with a constantly playing pipeline and adding clips with defined in- and out-points at certain start points during runtime.

I've already tried several options: Using GStreamers About-to-finish signal tends to freeze for some frames, depending on the codec et al. Using two pipelines and alternate their video overlay works, but looks quirky to me and requires something like gtk or qt - which is kind of an overkill and makes platform independence more difficult.

The simple test case appends periodically a slice of a video file  to the timeline (using ges_asset_request_async), but I encounter problems in setting in-, out- and start points. It's hard for a newbie to find out if my goal can be achieved with GES:

- Gapless Playback (append) if needed
- Black Frames if a gap occurs
- Constantly running (24/7 in an installation)

Maybe somebody can assure that this is possible?
Thank you,

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