Enumerate more cameras in same dshowvideosrc device-name=""

Jérôme Laheurte jerome-bugzilla at jeromelaheurte.net
Thu Dec 4 10:53:33 PST 2014

> Le 3 déc. 2014 à 21:28, krt <krthome at gmail.com> a écrit :
> Ok, I found myself a way ;)
> It was about to access different PADs of the dshowvideosrc Element. There
> are 4 created.
> Anyway I still miss some unique identifier of the PAD, that will allways be
> the same when access it. 
> Question: Do you have any idea how to access all these device properties
> that should be accessible? At least device id... (see on the image below)

I usually use graphedit to find out the device name. Far from perfect of course… The new device enumeration API will be implemented for dshowsrcwrapper eventually. It’s on my todo list but I’m a little short on time right now.

Jérôme Laheurte

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