Plugins for Android

StasLatGTTT staslatgttt at
Sun Dec 7 13:23:13 PST 2014

Hello everyone.

I've installed gstreamer sdk for Android and successfully built all the
tutorials. Unfortunately I don't understand, how to work with plugins in
Gstreamer for Android.

I didn't find any instruction in the Internet. Can anyone help me with
understanding, how to work with Plugins for android?

For example, I want to make Tutorial-5 launch .mp4 files. What plugins
should I use? Will gst-plugins-good work with Android or I should use some
special version? Also, how should I modify and tutorial-5.c files
to make app launch .mp4 videos?

I'm really sorry, if I ask a stupid question, but I really cannot find
something useful in the Internet.

Thank you in advance.

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