dvbsuboverlay: having trouble treating 720p and 1080p videos ... Frames received late in the video sink

Ghodhbane Marouen ghodhben.marwen at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 06:47:56 PST 2014

I'm a newbie in gstreamer but I have been working on gstreamer for a while
now and i have some trouble with playing h264 video ( 720p or 1080 p ) with
dvb subtitles.
The problem occurs when there is a text to show the frames begin to slow
down and i checked in the vieo sink that it receives the frame every
 130-150 ms instead of every 30-40 ms ( for 30 fps )
And that's result in a warning message "There may be a timestamping
problem, or this computer is too slow " because the buffer was too late.
I have played mpeg2 videos with dvb subtitles ... it works fine
I don't know if dvbsuboverlay have a problem treating large buffers or what
i'm using gstreamer bad plugins 0.23
Tsdemux for demuxing the mpeggts
a hardware accelerated decoder for the h264 decoding
(I have applied the patchs for the end of display issue for dvbsuboverlay )
I don't know if any of you have encountred such a problem or should i file
a bug ?

PS ; Here is a sample with wich i encounter the problem :

Best regards
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