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I have a camera that under linux does not work with V4L2, but it uses a proprietary API.

I want to wrap that API in a gstreamer plugin, so that I can use the captured frames with all the other gstreamer elements.

Here are my questions:

  1.  is there an example of a source that I can study? the GStreamer Plugin Writer's Guide refers to GstBaseSrc, but I am not able to  understand chapter 23 well
  2.  what is the difference between finalize and dispose? Which one should I use when I close the pipeline to free my resources?
  3.  if I have an error during the init function, what's the best way to fail?
  4.  In the reference software that I have for my system , there is a loop that gets frames from the hardware. In which function do I have to put this code?

Thank you for your help,


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