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Thu Dec 11 11:04:15 PST 2014

Thank you for the hit

Anyway after some testing with an rpi , a problem came :  my video was
delayed at lower resolution and unplayable at 720p.

My server ( rpi camera ) pipeline is that : 

raspivid -t 999999 -w 1280 -h 720 -fps 30 -hf -b 1000000 -o - | 
gst-launch-1.0 -v fdsrc !  h264parse ! rtph264pay config-interval=1 pt=96 !
udpsink host=xxxxxx:)  port=5000

and my client pipeline : 

gst_parse_launch("udpsrc port=5000 caps=\"application/x-rtp,
media=(string)video, clock-rate=(int)90000, encoding-name=(string)H264\" !
rtph264depay ! h264parse ! decodebin ! glimagesink sync=false" , &error);

Tegra2 is capable of decoding 720p h264 

Here's the log :

Here's the app source code :

P.s. I took the caps from the server output
P.s.2 I tested the app also on my phone ( xperia z1c , and it doesn't have
any problem also with full-hd streaming )

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