Cannot run tutorial

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at
Mon Dec 15 00:09:04 PST 2014

On So, 2014-12-14 at 15:52 -0800, StasLatGTTT wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> I'm new to gstreamer and still do not understand many things. Now I met the
> problems with building tutorialss.
> I use android-ndk-r10d, eclipse, gstreamer-1.4.4 for android and tutorial
> code describd here
> But I can't build that because I meet too many errors like these:
>     "Type 'GST_DEBUG_CATEGORY_STATIC (debug_category)' could not be
> resolved" in line 11
> Or
>     "Method 'SetLongField' could not be resolved" in line 23
> And many more. Could someone explain why does it happen?

Could you get the complete compiler output and paste it here? Also does
it work better if you run ndk-build manually?

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