What is the alignment capability in video/x-h264

Michał Wróbel michal.wrobel at flytronic.pl
Mon Dec 15 03:48:29 PST 2014


On 19.02.2014 18:36, Tim Müller wrote:
> AVC is always au-aligned, so anything else doesn't make sense there. In
> 1.0 we generally require parser before decoders now, which explains the
> change in avdec_h264.

Indeed, in all GStreamer elements I saw which accept "stream-format:
avc" and certain alignment, the expected alignment is au.

But don't you think that in general non-au-aligned AVC does make sense?
For example, for an AVC "video elementary stream" (as per ISO/IEC
14496-15:2004) read from a file using filesrc the proper caps would be
"stream-format: avc, alignment: none" (of course with codec_data also

Here I injected another idea: "alignment: none" which would mean that
there are no guarantees about alignment in the buffers so they should be
considered as a continuous stream and parsed subsequently.

What do you think about that?

Best regards,
Michał Wróbel

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