Cannot run tutorial

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at
Mon Dec 15 06:22:33 PST 2014

On Mo, 2014-12-15 at 03:05 -0800, StasLatGTTT wrote:
> When I use eclipse, log seems like everything is OK, but instead of running
> application it shows me the window with message "Your project contains
> error(s), please, fix them before running your application". Also, words
> like GST_DEBUG_CATEGORY_STATIC (debug_category);
> are underlined with red.
> If I try to compile projet manually with ndk-build, log looks like this:
> [staslatgttt at localhost android-tutorial-5]$ ndk-build
> [...]

That looks like it doesn't properly find your NDK libraries for whatever
reason. Did you run something like this inside the project directory

android update project -p . -s --target android-17

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