GstBaseParse, skipsize and DISCONTs

Michał Wróbel michal.wrobel at
Tue Dec 16 05:38:14 PST 2014


when GstBaseParse->check_valid_frame returns skipsize > 0, GstBaseParse
sets its internal priv->discont flag which gets propagated to
frame->buffer's GST_BUFFER_FLAG_DISCONT flag. If one uses
frame->buffer's GST_BUFFER_FLAG_DISCONT flag to mark outgoing frames
(e.g. h264parse does so), every skip translates to a DISCONT. However,
not every skip is due to a discontinuity in a stream (e.g. one such
non-discont-skip is in h264parse which uses skip to advance the stream
to the beginning of the stream's startcode). Which way to eliminate such
DISCONTs would you recommend: extending GstBaseParse to allow for
non-discont skips, or alternative DISCONT tracking (i.e. not relying on
DISCONTs reported in frame->buffer's flags)?

Best regards,
Michał Wróbel

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