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Nicolas Dufresne nicolas.dufresne at
Fri Dec 19 17:06:44 PST 2014

Le 2014-12-01 10:45, frank82 a écrit :
> I can see the metadata added, while when I put the getplugin in the
> receiving pipeline (also just after the encoding element) the metadata seems
> to be dropped and I can not receive anything.
> How can I stream the video with metadata over udp
I think what you are looking for in this is RTP headr extension. 
GstRtpBuffer API for more details, I won't rewrite the documentation or 
the spec here. I've used this recently in my project. Instead of writing 
an element, I simply added a data probe on the payload src pad. In the 
probe callback, I parse the buffer into GstRtpBuffer, add the extension 
(I'm using the onebyte_header version).

The GstMeta are bound to the format being passed, so most of the time, 
when the format changes (your case is RAW->H264->RTP) it will be lost. 
It is also internal to GStreamer and won't be streamed.

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