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Sebastian Dröge sebastian at centricular.com
Mon Dec 29 03:54:09 PST 2014

On Mo, 2014-12-29 at 03:16 -0800, nero88 wrote:
> Hi. I am trying to create a static plugin for android. At the moment I'm a
> bit lost and i don't know how to continue. I installed cerbero in linux but
> I find nothing of information on how to compile a plugin and add it to my
> project in eclipse.
> I want to start with the basics a plugin type "Hello world". I downloaded
> the sample templates gstplugin.c and gstplugin.h 
> I would appreciate your help

You usually don't have to create a custom plugin, unless it's something
that should be possible to be dropped into other applications. In that
case the only difference between static and dynamic plugins is build
system magic.

But if you only want to create a custom GstElement subclass for your
application, you can just do so without defining a new plugin. You would
just create the subclass in your application code and then call
gst_element_register() with the GType of your subclass and NULL as
plugin. It can then be used like any other GStreamer element.

Using gst_element_register() is also only necessary if you want to be
able to create an instance with gst_element_factory_make(). If you don't
need that, you can also just use the normal g_object_new() to create an
instance from the GType.

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