Using GStreamer as RTSP Client

pankaj bansal pankaj.bansal.jiit at
Mon Dec 29 23:26:13 PST 2014


I have very specific requirement. I need to use GStreamer as RTSP client.
Client has to stream in the data and decode it and display it.  RTSP Server
is an Live555 implementation sending H264 data. I cannot change the server.

I am doing this for Android.

Are there any tutorials on how to start about this. Is there some working
sample about using GStreamer as RTSP client? I saw some documentation about
using GStreamer for RTSP Streaming, but is there any working sample
available for this?

I have studied the basic tutorials for GStreamer and want to know how to
start about RTSP client

Pankaj Bansal
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