GStreamer Failed on Windows 7

hxpax thehxpax at
Tue Dec 30 18:27:35 PST 2014

Hi, @Dröge.

I've tried the latest version (which is 1.4.5), but it seams that the issue

I know that BZ2_bzDecompress is a low level interface of libbz2.dll, so I
rebuilt lihbz2.dll from source code downloaded from I've tested
the new dll-file and it worked fine, but it could not help me from the
"BZ2_bzDecompress at 4 could not be located" issue.

Do you know what's the BZ2_bzDecompress at 4 stands for? Is it BZ2_bzDecompress
the low level interface?

And I'll try to fill a bug later.

Thank u.

Sebastian Dröge-3 wrote
> Hi,
> can you try again with the official and latest binaries from
> ?
> The versions from are based on the 0.10 series of
> GStreamer, which is no longer maintained since more than 2 years.
> If the problem still exists with the latest version, please file a bug
> at against GStreamer.

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