Camerabin - how to specify size of image for capture

Ian Davidson id012c3076 at
Sun Feb 2 06:23:09 PST 2014

Thanks Thiago,

I am running Fedora 18 (I know it is a little bit old)

I installed git, got the and ran it.  I did 
not find any 'instructions' other than the scripts - perhaps I looked in 
the wrong place.

The first problem I had was that the script told me that I was missing 
"some very basic tools or dependencies" but didn't say what.  It 
recommended I visited for 
instructions on how to install - but that came up "*This page does not 
exist yet. You can create a new empty page, or use one of the page 
templates.*"  So I looked at the tests the script had performed and 
installed bison and flex.
I then tried to run  This reported that
   checking for autopoint >= 0.17 ... autopoint not found !
You must have autopoint installed to compile gstreamer.
Download the appropriate package for your distribution,
or get the source tarball at
   checking for libtoolize >= 2.2.6 ... found 2.4.2, ok.
   checking for pkg-config >= 0.8.0 ... found 0.27, ok.

- Please get the right tools before proceeding.
- Alternatively, if you're sure we're wrong, run with --nocheck.

I have read that autopoint is part of gettext (which I have installed - 
I also have gettext-libs, but not gettext-devel, gettext-common-javadoc, 
gettext-commons or gettext-common-devel). I have tried running autopoint 
from a command line and it is NOT found.

Do I need to install one or more of those packages?


On 31/01/2014 14:51, Thiago Santos wrote:
> On 01/31/2014 05:15 AM, Ian Davidson wrote:
>> To clarify - I have not used the git master before and I don't know 
>> the process.
> You will need to clone and build the gstreamer modules. Check the 
> developer instructions at
> and use git to clone the modules you need, I'd recommend using a 
> gst-uninstalled setup so that you don't have to install the binaries 
> to your system. You can find instructions about it at the 'scripts' 
> dir on the core gstreamer module or at 
>, look for 
> gst-uninstalled and
> Then you just need to build the modules from the uninstalled setup. 
> Build by running './' from the module, remember to check the 
> final output listing the plugins that are enabled and the ones that 
> aren't. If a plugin you need/want is disabled, check if its build 
> dependencies are installed on your system and run again. 
> Then just run make and it should build.
> If you have a sample application/script that shows the problem, you 
> can send it to the list for other devels to look if it is correctly 
> using camerabin.
> --
> Thiago

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