Textoverlay with international characters - UTF8

Farkas Levente lfarkas at lfarkas.org
Sun Feb 2 06:23:20 PST 2014

On 02/02/2014 02:51 PM, Tim Müller wrote:
> On Fri, 2014-01-31 at 15:41 +0100, Peter Maersk-Moller wrote:
> Hi Peter,
>> I was wondering, if textoverlay or textrender being based on Pango,
>> can display international characters? Somehow it should be possible to
>> feed an UTF encoded string to textoverlay, but can't find a good
>> example online nor get my own experiments to work?
>> Anybody got a clue?
> It should just work, what have you tried?
> If you're trying things in gst-launch with the 'text' property, make
> sure your shell uses UTF-8 locale etc.
> e.g. try loading a Russian, Arabic or Greek subtitle .srt file in Totem.

but very very expensive. eg in case of video to put a date overlay into
a stream it's cost almost as much as the mp4 encoding!


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