What is the alignment capability in video/x-h264

pfarmer flacone at gmx.de
Mon Feb 3 13:17:39 CET 2014

To transport h264 encoded video there are two options:
1.) Paketize a NALU into a transport protocol
2.) Byte-stream, which adds a Start Code Prefix in front of NALUs for the
decoder to recognize the beginning of a NALU

These two options are represented in the capabilites of e.g. the rtph264pay.
Stream-format avc represents 1) and stream-format byte-stream represents 2). 

gst-inspect-1.0 rtph264pay
          stream-format: avc
              alignment: au
          stream-format: byte-stream
              alignment: { nal, au }

I still do not know what is the difference of nal and au in the case of the
byte-stream. Since in some cases I get corrupted video stream I need to know
if I need to take these into account while debugging.

What means this alignment capability?

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