how the audio decoder element handling when changing audio track

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Hi expert,
Thanks for your reply for my question, 
Appreciate so much.

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> Sebastian Dröge-3 [via GStreamer-devel] <ml-node+s966125n4665074h54 at> 於 2014/2/4 下午11:10 寫道:
> On Sa, 2014-02-01 at 00:19 -0800, morris.yang wrote: 
> > Hi, I am a audio decoder element provider,and I still don't understand when 
> > app change audio tracks, what should the audio decoder element do anything 
> > else? or just the same way with a normal decoding negotiation?Do I need to 
> > add some additional actions in my original decoder element?For example, I 
> > may need to handle 1.the caps2.the set_property for "pass through"=ture, 
> > then I can know which audio format needs to be decoded and do it?Could give 
> > me some reference for audio decoder element needs do for changing audio 
> > tracks?Many thanksMorris 
> If you mean the application audio track selection, your element does not 
> have to do anything special at all. Just work as before. 
> If you mean changes of the input format of your audio decoder, you'll 
> get notified about that by changing caps. You will need to handle that 
> and reconfigure your decoder then. 
> Also you should consider using GstAudioDecoder as base class for your 
> decoders as it handles most of the common behaviour of audio decoders in 
> GStreamer and you'll have to write much less code. 
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