fix coordinates of gstreamer window

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You need to use the Video Overlay Interface ( to get the window ID for the output window, or you can supply your own window.   After that, the question is about X11, not GStreamer.  Short answer:

1) Give the window the override-redirect attribute.   This will work, but it is very rude, as it violates the standard guidelines for a well-behaved application.  The window will sit on top of everything else, be impossible to iconise, and so on. Or ...

2) Set the WM_NORMAL_HINTS property and lie that the information came from the user.  This is still rude but less so.  The most reliable method to make the window frameless is with the Motif hints (  They are respected by almost all window managers.

The reason why there is no good way to do what you want is that it is a bad thing to do.   You are trying to override the window manager, and the window manager's job is to let the user control their own windows.


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I am streaming a mjpeg stream from an IPcamera as follows:
gst-launch-0.10 souphttpsrc location= !
jpegdec ! xvimagesink
Here are 2 features I want:
1) I want to fix its coordinates to a particular position say (100,200)
2) The window should not move on mouse drag, even better if no border is

How can I implement this functionality for 'souphttpsrc' and 'xvimagesink' ?

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