NSGetEnviron() in use by glib genviron for iOS / arm?

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at centricular.com
Tue Feb 4 12:22:19 PST 2014

On Di, 2014-02-04 at 19:36 +0000, Michael McNamara wrote:
> The issue appears to lie in
> cerbero/sources/ios_universal/armv7/glib-2.38.0/glib/genviron.c:
> #define environ (*_NSGetEnviron())
> #else
> /* According to the Single Unix Specification, environ is not
>  * in any system header, although unistd.h often declares it.
>  */
> extern char **environ;
> #endif
> I don¹t know whether HAVE__NSGETENVIRON should be defined differently
> somewhere for iOS arm builds or the file should be patched such that the
> else case replaces the defined case when being built for iOS?
> [...]
> There are in fact ffitarget.h files generated (and libffi builds fine),
> but they¹re in their respective architecture directories in:

Can you please file a bug at http://bugzilla.gnome.org against
GStreamer/packages for this? Which branch of cerbero are you using?

For the other problem ...

> On 2/4/14, 10:26 AM, "Michael McNamara" <mmcnamara at control4.com> wrote:
> >I've run nm on the GStreamer framework (1.2.x) and it appears to include
> >the use of NSGetEnviron():
> >
> >GStreamer(libglib-2_0_a_armv7_-libglib_2_0_la-genviron.o) (for
> >architecture armv7):
> >U __NSGetEnviron
> >
> >for the arm architecture in glib's genviron.  This is true of the prebuilt
> >libraries and building via cerbero.  This call will cause a private API
> >use rejection upon app submittal to Apple.  NSGetEnviron() is an OS X
> >thing that's not supported on iOS to the best of my knowledge (at least
> >officially).

please also file a bug. We should fix that to use a better API or make
that a dummy function call.

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