Embedding scripting language in a filter element

Michael Grüner michael.gruner at ridgerun.com
Tue Feb 4 12:27:52 PST 2014


You can write gstreamer plugins in Python. Then you can read the script and eval() it. The counter part is you wont be getting C performance


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I've often had a need to apply some simple processing to a video,
little one-off things that don't seem worth creating an element for.
I've either done quick hacks to an existing element or the
application, but I'd like to have a better way. I think it would be
useful to have a filter element that has a script property, some
interpreted language like Python or Julia, to allow even interactively
changing the script. Has anyone done this or something like it? The
closest I can find is glshader for running OpenGL fragment shaders.

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