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I tried setting async to false but due to this set caps is not  getting
 called  for audio where the audio format is set. So my audio decoder is
not getting initialized and due to this I hear no audio when I keep async
to false.

Any suggestion?


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> Le vendredi 31 janvier 2014 à 23:55 +0530, Yogesh Tyagi a écrit :
> > Hi,
> >
> >
> > The plugin I am working on makes use of pre roll buffering provided by
> > hardware so I want to bypass gstreamer prerolling. Is it possible to
> > bypass prerolling for sink element.
> Basesink has a property named async, setting it to false will
> effectively disable asynchronous state change, enabling your element to
> implement your own asynchronous state change (which is mostly what
> preroll is all about, letting GStreamer know when first frame reaches
> the display so we see something in pause). If you prefer to simply
> disable display of the first-frame, GstVideoSink has the
> show-preroll-frame that would let you do that, but it's not ideal since
> it would not be coherent. For more details, I would suggest getting
> familiar with GstBaseSink and GstVideoSink base classes.
> cheers,
> Nicolas
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