editing services: remove video segments without transcoding

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at centricular.com
Sat Feb 8 03:43:41 PST 2014

On Fr, 2014-02-07 at 12:33 +0100, Felix Schwarz wrote:
> Thanks for the pointers.
> Looks like you're right about the incompleteness of encodebin but anyway for
> my test video reencoding only took about two minutes which is fine (45 minute
> video).
> The only is that the bitrate (variable bitrate) of the output video is much
> lower than the source bitrate (~400 Kb/s vs. ~850 Kb/s). I guess I have to
> check how I can influence the max bitrate for encoding.
> Btw: If I want to improve the "non-reencoding algorithms" do I have to look
> only at encodebin or also other places (using h.264/divx formats mostly)?
> > The main problem here is that you will have to reencode some parts at
> > the beginning and possible end of your clip as e.g. your start position
> > might not be exactly at a keyframe.
> Actually I wouldn't mind reencoding some small part of the video. My main goal
> is that the visual quality stays the same and the cutting the video doesn't
> take ages. Is that (reencoding a few frames if first frame is no key frame)
> something that GES should handle transparently or do I have to tell it
> specifically to reencode?

See Thibault's comment, you need to set GES_TIMELINE_MODE_SMART_RENDER
for the "mode" property on GESPipeline.

For implementing the smart encoding, you'll have to look at encodebin
mostly but some parts are also in gst-editing-services.

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