vp8 encoding from windows desktop

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at centricular.com
Mon Feb 10 11:14:47 PST 2014

On Mo, 2014-02-10 at 09:05 +0100, Sergio Andrés Basurco Mancisidor
> Sorry maybe noisy wasn't too explanatory. I meant the result looked quite
> compressed/pixelated. I'm trying to avoid any compression and stream
> maximum resolution and image quality. I've tried a simplified pipeline and
> the result seems better. But framerate drops a lot.

What kind of simplified pipeline did you try? Does it work if you output
the video directly (without encoding) on the screen?

> I'm just wondering whether my computer is capable of high framerate and
> quality at the same time. My intention was to encode keyframe only so there
> wasn't any interpolated images, and to set a high bitrate to compensate.
> Any advice?

You could use a codec that can encode faster, like avenc_h264 or even
something like jpegenc.

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