How to debug internal dataflow error?

Baby Octopus jagadishkamathk at
Mon Feb 10 22:54:46 PST 2014


I have a system which is giving me TS/UDP. Occasionally there are lot of
packet losses. The pipeline goes into "Internal dataflow error" after a
couple of hours 

This is the debug log dump
*gst_ffmpegauddec_frame:633 avdec_aac: decoding error (len: -1052488119,
have_data: 0)
gst_audio_decoder_drain:1345 still 1 frames left after draining
gst_base_src_loop:2865 error: Internal data flow error.
gst_base_src_loop:2865 error: streaming task paused, reason error (-5)

The pipeline is as follows

gst-launch-1.0 udpsrc ! decodebin name=demux  \
demux.! video/x-raw ! x264enc bitrate=1000000 tune=zerolatency ! mpegtsmux
name = mux ! udpsink host= port=5050 \
demux.! voaacenc ! mux.

Can someone tell me how to go about debugging this issue? Any help would be
appreciated :)

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