Autopluggable Decryptor Element

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas.dufresne at
Tue Feb 11 06:47:26 PST 2014

Le mardi 11 février 2014 à 04:43 -0800, MartinK a écrit :

> How do I go about attaching a typefind element to the decryptor
> element so
> that decodebin2 can autoplug the rest of the pipeline? Or is there any
> other
> way of setting the caps on the decryptor src pad so decodebin2 can
> continue
> properly?

So far we have recommended using GstTypeFind API directly, e.g. using
gst_type_find_helper_for_data() or gst_type_find_helper_for_buffer().
This will return you caps, and you can negotiate with these caps before
sending the first decrypted buffers. Let us know if that solution works
for you.

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