Autopluggable Decryptor Element

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Thu Feb 13 01:41:32 PST 2014

Sebastian Dröge-3 wrote
> On Mi, 2014-02-12 at 03:42 -0800, MartinK wrote:> Hi again Sebastian.> >
> Thanks for your quick reply.> We are using a qml for our media player and
> so we are constrained to use> gstreamer 0.10 at least for our first
> release.> > Given that the decryptor produces output at the highest level,
> i.e. mp4 or> avi, what caps string should I use to represent that?> Sorry
> if that's a dumb question but I am not experienced in video formats. I>
> assume I should set the caps in the static pad template for the src pad
> and> that will suffice.The input (sinkpad) caps of the decryptor should be
> some special capsthat only your element handles, e.g.
> application/x-martins-encryption :)The output (srcpad) caps should be what
> the typefinder tells you, for MP4.-- Sebastian Dröge,
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Thanks again for that.The problem though is that the
gst_typefind_helper_for_buffer() function needs to be called in the
decryptor's chain functionso it has a buffer to work with ; but the chain
function never gets called because of the infinite pipeline building. It's a
catch 22. Can you think of any way round that?Regards,   Martin.

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