Clockoverlay + fractional part of the seconds

Mario Montagud Climent mamontor at
Thu Feb 13 02:27:49 PST 2014

Dear all,

I am using clockoverlay in my streaming scenario (gst-launch-1.0). It  
works fine using the following time-format="%H:%M:%S", but my  
intention is to also display the fractional part of the seconds (at  
least ms).

According to gst-inspect, the time format is as in strftime, so I've  
tried using both:

time-format="%H:%M:%S.%L" (%L - Millisecond of the second (000..999)),


time-format="%H:%M:%S.%N" (%N - Fractional seconds digits, default is  
9 digits (nanosecond)),

but none of the previous methods displayed the fractional part of the seconds.

Is it possible to do that with clockoverlay? Do you recommend an  
alternative solution?

Thank you very much in advance!


Mario Montagud

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