Problem when seeking with oggmux/vorbisenc

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Thu Feb 13 09:16:11 PST 2014


I don't know if this is a problem or if I'm missing something. All I'm
trying to do is to transcode audio, from any format (thanks to decodebin:-) to
OGG/Vorbis. Just doing this for an entire file is pretty straightforward
and the example code I'm providing already does that.

But when i try to extend it to seek to a specific position of the audio,
and then transcoding, then i get some problems.

When i perform a non-flushing seek... the seek call hangs forever. If i
perform a flushing seek everything goes "ok", but i end up with a messed up
OGG file :-(.

When i transcode the entire file:

./ogg-seek-test <audio-src-file>
file /tmp/test.ogg
/tmp/test.ogg: Ogg data, Vorbis audio, mono, 8000 Hz, ~22400 bps, created
by: Xiph.Org libVorbis I

play /tmp/test.ogg
 File Size: 369k      Bit Rate: 23.4k
  Encoding: Vorbis
  Channels: 1 @ 16-bit
Samplerate: 8000Hz
Replaygain: off
  Duration: 00:02:06.14

When i try to seek, to transcode only a part of the file:

./ogg-seek-test <audio-src> 10

file /tmp/test.ogg
/tmp/test.ogg: Ogg data

play /tmp/test.ogg
play FAIL formats: can't open input file `/tmp/test.ogg': Input not an Ogg
Vorbis audio stream

The source code is here:

Any help is deeply appreciated.

Best regards,
Tiago Katcipis
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