Using the CairoContext from cairooverlay element

superlou lousimons at
Fri Feb 14 05:03:22 PST 2014

Using Gstreamer via the PyGObject bindings, I have a pipeline that looks like
videotestsrc | cairooverlay | videoconvert | xvimagesink.  I'd like to draw
an SVG over the video, so I've connected the "draw" signal from the
cairooverlay element to a python callback.  In the callback
the CairoContext looks ok at first glance: if I "print context" Python says
it's a CairoContext.  However, if I try to perform any Cairo commands
(move_to, stroke, etc.), I get a no attribute found error.

Are there any steps that must be taken before the CairoContext can be used?


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