manipulate raw audio data

chmario chmario at
Fri Feb 14 23:34:05 PST 2014

I have the following pipeline : 

uridecodebin -> audioconverter -> filtercaps ->queue -> identity -> queue

with the flowing caps: 
gst_structure_new ("audio/x-raw-int", 
                                                "channels", G_TYPE_INT, 1, 
                                                "rate", G_TYPE_INT, 44100,	
                                                "format", G_TYPE_STRING,

I am using the hand off signal of the identity  plugin to grab the audio an
build a bigger  buffer of specific size. 
I dont know the size of the buffer in the identity filter, when I do video
processing the size of the buffer is the size of the image
(width*height*channels), but it seams that for audio is not a single sample
but a group of samples, for what I have read is 1024 samples but I am not
So each time the hanoff signal is emitted 1024 samples are added to a custom
buffer. when enough samples are collected to have a buffer of specific time
length I create a binary file, append the wav header and the buffer data an
save the file as .wav. this wav file is just to test if I am using correctly
the raw audio data, is not the actual propose of the code. 

The PROBLEM is that the audio is not saved correctly I am hearing just

I hope some one can advice me on how to manipulate raw audio data. 


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