iOS Tutorials Can not play video file(mov/mp4:H264)

jojo rjiejie at
Tue Feb 18 00:26:04 PST 2014


My device is iPhone5 with latest iOS version 7.0.4,

and use the latest version 1.2.3 of Gstreamer for iOS.

I clone the iOS tutorials from [0] and run "the Tutorials 5"

on my device.

I select some online streaming from "Tutorials 5", some audio and "webm" container can been played normal,

but it can not been played if the container mov or mp4 with h264 streaming(the h264 is used in my application :( ), and some error have been reported as bellow:

Error received from element atdec0: the stream is in the wrong format.

how to fix this ? any hints will be appreciated. GST_DEBUG enabled log: [1]

[0] git:// (


- Jojo
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