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Lee Matthews lma at spaceapplications.com
Wed Feb 19 06:39:09 PST 2014

Hi Tim,

The project on which I am working is made up of lots of individual small applications that talk to each other over the network. 

These applications can stream data to other applications via the network, they can also receive/send commands between each other (again via the network).

So in this particular example, I need to create two applications, an audio source (from mic) and an audio sink (to speaker) :

 application 1                     application 2
|--------------|  (audio stream)  |--------------|
| Audio Source |  --------------> | Audio Sink   |
|--------------|                  |--------------|
     | (Control signal : START/STOP) 
|  Controller  | application 3

The controller needs to be able to control (via the control signal) when audio is sent to an audio sink (there can be multiple audio sink applications) for playing.

In your opinion, does the audio source application need to add a message to the audio stream that could be detected within the audio sink application ? I.e. Setting the audio source pipeline to PAUSE sends a message over the network (via the audio stream channel) that informs the pipeline in the audio sink application to equally go into the PAUSE state ?


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On Wed, 2014-02-19 at 14:20 +0100, Lee Matthews wrote:

Hi Lee,

> I wish to be able to stop the transmission of the audio stream to the
> client and then start it again, but I have not yet managed to get this
> to work.
> Currently, I set the transmitter pipeline state to GST_STATE_PAUSED. At
> which point the receiver stops playing audio. I then try to restart it
> by setting the transmitter pipeline state to GST_STATE_PLAYING, but the
> receiver does not restart playing audio. 
> I can only start receiving and playing the audio again if I restart gst-launch.
> Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? 

What are you trying to do/achieve (high-level view)? I mean, why do you
want to stop/re-start the sender?


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