cerbero bootstrap problem

Jeremy Wilson jwilson at redgiant.com
Wed Feb 19 10:06:45 PST 2014

I'm trying to set up cerbero so I can build gstreamer for Win32, and I am
having difficulty getting the bootstrap to complete.

The error I get is:  "Recipe 'gettext' failed at the build step 'compile'"
(more detail below).

OS is Windows 7 Professional

I followed the setup instructions in

For git we normally have core.autocrlf set globally to true on Windows, so
prior to cloning cerbero I set it false globally, did the clone, set it
true globally again, and set it false locally within ~/cerbero.

For ~/.cerbero/cerbero.cbc I have:
import os
from cerbero.config import Platform, Architecture, Distro, DistroVersion


I found I had to disable Avast antivirus while doing the bootstrap because
it thought conftest.exe was suspicous (Win32:Evo-gen).

Following is the context for the error message:

 libtool: link: i686-w64-mingw32-gcc -shared  .libs/bindtextdom.o
.libs/dcgettext.o .libs/dgettext.o .libs/gettext.o .libs/finddomain
.o .libs/hash-string.o .libs/loadmsgcat.o .libs/localealias.o
.libs/textdomain.o .libs/l10nflist.o .libs/explodename.o .libs/dcigett
ext.o .libs/dcngettext.o .libs/dngettext.o .libs/ngettext.o .libs/plural.o
.libs/plural-exp.o .libs/localcharset.o .libs/threadlib.o
 .libs/lock.o .libs/relocatable.o .libs/langprefs.o .libs/localename.o
.libs/log.o .libs/printf.o .libs/setlocale.o .libs/version.o
.libs/xsize.o .libs/osdep.o .libs/intl-compat.o .libs/libintl.res.o
-Lc:/Users/Jeremy/cerbero/build-tools/lib  -O2 -Wl,--disable-a
uto-import -Wl,--export-all-symbols   -o .libs/libintl-8.dll
-Wl,--enable-auto-image-base -Xlinker --out-implib -Xlinker .libs/libin
Creating library file: .libs/libintl.dll.a
libtool: link: i686-w64-mingw32-ar cru .libs/libintl.a  bindtextdom.o
dcgettext.o dgettext.o gettext.o finddomain.o hash-string.o lo
admsgcat.o localealias.o textdomain.o l10nflist.o explodename.o
dcigettext.o dcngettext.o dngettext.o ngettext.o plural.o plural-exp
.o localcharset.o threadlib.o lock.o relocatable.o langprefs.o localename.o
log.o printf.o setlocale.o version.o xsize.o osdep.o int
l-compat.o libintl.res.o
libtool: link: i686-w64-mingw32-ranlib .libs/libintl.a
'.libs/libintl.a': No such file
make: *** [libintl.la] Error 1
***** Error running 'bootstrap' command:
Recipe 'gettext' failed at the build step 'compile'

Any help appreciated!

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