Autopluggable Raw Video Filter

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas.dufresne at
Thu Feb 20 07:39:45 PST 2014

Le jeudi 20 février 2014 à 07:21 -0800, MartinK a écrit :

> Many thanks for your reply. We are using qml to render the video. It
> provides its own video sink. Do you happen to know whether there is
> any way
> to override the qml-supplied videosink?

So I guess you don't have access to GST API from QML code is that
right ? If that is, to do so you'll have to modify and rebuild the QML
engine. Find a place where they allocate the playbin element (playbin2
for you). Here's a example of what it would look like (not tested):

playbin = gst_element_factory_make ("playbin", NULL);
videosink = gst_parse_bin_from_description ("myfilter ! videoconvert !
g_object_set (playbin, "video-sink", videosink, NULL);

Note I have no idea what is the factory name of the QML video sink, if
any. If there is no factory name, you'll have to create the bin, make
the elements, add them to the bin, and link the elements manually.

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