alsasink with live feed?

Jon Mandrell jmandrell at
Thu Feb 20 08:39:53 PST 2014

I'm using gstreamer-0.10.36 (we have some target-specific elements that don't support 1.X). I am receiving a live feed via mpeg-TS encapsulated with RTP. Since this is a live feed I'm getting real timestamps, so they don't start from 0. If I set sync=true on the alsasink the pipeline goes to the PLAYING state and then just stops. Placing an identity element in front of the alsasink shows that a single audio buffer is sent to the alsasink with a timestamp of something like 55:35.0000 (55 minutes in). It appears the alsasink is patiently waiting this amount of time before playing any audio. It plays immediately with sync=false, but then I lose lip sync.

Is there any way to tell alsasink that a large discontinuity like this does not denote an incredibly long delay but rather that it should consider this the current time and play the buffers from this timestamp on?


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