cerbero bootstrap problem

Thornton, Keith keith.thornton at zeiss.com
Fri Feb 21 05:20:03 PST 2014

Hello Sebastian
I realized yesterday that the cry for help I sent was useless because I hadn't provided any useful information.
One problem which I had was the same as described by Alexey Chernov on Jan 16 2014 as regards gtk-doc-light and 64 bit checksums on 32 bit mingw. His solution also worked for me.
I am currently in a position where I can build but not package (problem with libhogweed.dll.a while building nettle). At the moment I think I can live with as II don't need packages and don't want to clean up and re-install.
Should I change my mind and decide to re-install everything, I will re-install with the suggested options.

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