Attempting to build gst-plugins-bad1.0 on Raspbian: Build errors

Michael Tyson michael at
Mon Feb 24 17:05:03 PST 2014

Hi guys,

I hate to ask about something as pedestrian as building from source, but I’ve run out of ideas trying to build gst-plugins-bad1.0 from deb src (from the experimental/sid branches).

I’m building from source as I want to see if more recent builds than those available from provide better support for HD video playback, which I’ve heard might be the case. I also want to build python support.

In order to enable the RPI EGL window system (rather than the default X11 option which, I might add, builds just fine but doesn’t work on the RasPi without X11 running), I’ve had to make a couple of modifications to the debian control files:

This adds the --with-egl-window-system=rpi configure param, and adds some include/lib paths to build against the libraspberrypi stuff in /opt/vc/include (otherwise the configure checks for bcm_host fail).

Now, I have two building environments: One emulated, running under qemu, and one physical RasPi, both with the same set of packages installed.

On the emulated setup, the process builds all the way through until the last packaging stages, where I see an error, during a call to gst-codec-info-1.0:

* failed to open vchiq instance

This would appear to be because the system is emulated without /dev/vchiq support. So, with the same setup, I attempted a build on the RasPi.

This proceeds successfully through the configure stage, but throws a large number of syntax errors, then a bunch of undefined references from /opt/vc/lib/ while building gstegl - specifically, while running g-ir-scanner to generate GstEGL-1.0.gir.

Output here:

This is as far as I’ve gotten. As I understand it from this thread:, those undefined symbol issues can be resolved by linking against a few extra libraries - this is what the extra EGLGLES_LIBS environment variable I added is meant to achieve. However, it looks like the g-ir-scanner utility isn’t using those extra libs when it invokes gcc. That also doesn’t explain the syntax errors. Why those errors occur on the physical RasPi and not the emulated setup is beyond me - they’re all the same files, as far as I can see.

Can anyone shed light on what the next steps might be?

Many thanks,
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