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Tue Feb 25 07:01:28 PST 2014

On Tue, 2014-02-25 at 06:52 -0800, Alice Wonder wrote:

> Am I correct in understanding that for a GStreamer application (e.g.
> rhythmbox) to read/write a metadata tag, it needs to be defined in
> gst/gst.h?

Well, not exactly, but somewhat.

Some basic/common tags are defined in GStreamer core:

Some more tags are defined in gst-plugins-base's ligbsttag:

It's possible for applications and elements to register custom tags in
addition to the pre-defined ones.

However, if you want to read/write specific tags with existing elements,
these elements need to have an internal mapping to map the tags to a
GStreamer tag. To support additional tags, those mappings would need to
be updated in the source code for existing tag reading/writing elements.

For some tags, generic support is also available via the
GST_TAG_EXTENDED_COMMENT tags (key=value basically).

> If so, where does one make a case for additions?



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