capturing error messages on bus

®åg∑ †π rashmi at
Fri Feb 28 03:33:16 PST 2014

I am using gstreamer to and record to a file on sd card connected to
host.Suppose the card is not mounted and hence not available to write .using
gst launch command line i get an error like
ERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstFileSink:filesink0: Could not
open file "/media/sd/test.mp4" for writing.
If I am going to try this out using a C program and get a handler on bus and
then watch out for any error message  I find I am unable to do so.The
program doesn't throw an error and continues to behave normally(except that
there is in actual no recording taking place ).

How can I capture such messages in gstreamer c program ?

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