Streaming Arm cortex A8 board to an android app

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas.dufresne at
Fri Feb 28 06:57:30 PST 2014

Le vendredi 28 février 2014 à 04:25 -0800, Cyrille a écrit :

> It is just as if the android device was not able to decode the video
> encoded
> with the TIVidenc.
> Any idea on how we can solve this issue ?

Really hard to tell. I would first have a look at the caps coming out of
x264enc and TIVidenc1 and compare that. That would be my first suspect
as you are not suing parsers in your pipelines. Second suspect would be
latency, you may want to try increasing latency on your jitter buffer,
check TIVidenc1 code to make sure latency is set, try disabling sync on
udpsink (you have a live source, so no real need to wait). Hope the
problem is one of these two, for sure TIVidenc1 element would be the
first thing I'd deeply look into.


p.s. Cortex A8 is a processor, did you mean you are running on a OMAP 4
(SoC) reference board ?
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