64 vs 32bit compatibility problems (shmsrc, avenc_flv)

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas.dufresne at collabora.com
Wed Jun 4 05:55:30 PDT 2014

Le mercredi 04 juin 2014 à 14:47 +0200, Krzysztof Borowczyk a écrit :
> Yes, of course. Both shmsink and shmsrc are on the same machine, both
> either 32bit or 64bit, but never mixed.

Ok, then open a bug, we'll have a look. Meanwhile, maybe a quick review
of code where you could be setting properties. I've often seen 64bit
passed as 32bit parameters in vararg (like g_object_set()) and vis-versa
leading to issues. Valgrind may help.


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