RTSP Server test-launch question

Joel Holdsworth joel.holdsworth at vcatechnology.com
Fri Jun 6 03:46:08 PDT 2014

I did some experiments, and it seems that 1.2 branch works fine, but the 
problem appears somewhere before 1.3.1. I tried bisecting, but I 
couldn't clearly see commit which broke it.

The closest one I could find was 18b69419. After this commit, the server 
failed 1 in 5 attempts to connect. Before this commit, the server seemed 
to work ok after 25 attempts. But there seemed to be a lot of chasing of 
ghosts, and I can't really understand how that commit could cause the 
effect I'm seeing.


On 06/06/14 10:28, Sebastian Dröge wrote:
> On Fr, 2014-05-30 at 11:55 +0100, Joel Holdsworth wrote:
>> Hi Tim,
>> Thanks for your hints. I compiled GStreamer 1.3.2 and plugins from
>> source, and this fixed this issue and a couple of others.
>> But now I have a new problem!
>> I'm trying to connect to  a CCTV video encoding device on the LAN via
>> RTSP. But since the upgrade rtspsrc has become nearly unusable.
>> So doing this...
>> gst-launch-0.10 rtspsrc location=rtsp:// !
>> application/x-r tp,payload=96 ! rtph264depay ! decodebin ! autovideosink
>> ...works 10 times out of 10, but doing this...
>> gst-launch-1.0 rtspsrc location=rtsp:// !
>> application/x-r tp,payload=96 ! rtph264depay ! decodebin ! autovideosink
>> ...only works 2 times in 10. I put in the payload=96 filter, because
>> there is some bundled metadata that I wanted to make sure was being
>> discarded.
>> The RTSP session gets set up, and I can see many incoming UDP RTP
>> packets in wireshark, but these are never being played. Mostly the video
>> window never appears.
>> I tried tweaking the parameters a little, and so far the only parameter
>> I've found that makes any difference is setting drop-on-latency=true,
>> which sets gives me a corrupted mess at ~1FPS.
>> The encoder device uses live555 as it's RTSP server, and it works
>> reliably via VLC.
>> Perhaps there's some issue with the device's RTSP server implementation,
>> but arguably GStreamer should be tolerant of it.
>> Any hints about the best way to track down the issue?
> Try running gst-launch-1.0 with -v to see what exactly is built there,
> and if that doesn't help yet the debug logs should be able to help. You
> can enable them by setting e.g. GST_DEBUG=6 in the environment.
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